Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Styling: Sourcing for DaKine

The Creative Director for DaKine called me with an idea. He explained to me what his concept was, and asked me if I could assist with sourcing all the materials to make his vision come to life. 

I said, YES! 

He sent me images of his inspiration.  The design was totally in my wheel house.  I loved the idea, which makes my job so much easier and way more fun. 

My mission:: 
To find 50+ old frames. To create a collection that works well together, but looks mix- matched and created over years, like a family portrait wall. 
Modern, vintage with a black, white and maybe gold palette was my guidelines. 

Not as easy as I thought, but after scavenging through every goodwill, thrift-shop, antique shop & old folks home rummage sales(jackpot!!!) I had a nice collection of 70+ frames to edit and craft the perfect mix.  I got them home, cleaned them all, washed the glass, tossed the ones that did not make the cut and laid them out.   Yeah!  

Boxed them all up delicately (most had the glass, which I wanted) and delivered then straight to Alistar and his creative team to complete the design.  I got his approval, which meant everything!  

Here is it. Front entrance of the New DaKine offices in Hood River, Oregon. 

SS14 window design

For the Spring/Summer window display for Parts + Labour in Hood River, OR,  I created a light & airy feel through the use of nature.  The breeze blows in through the front door and creates a lovely fringe flutter.   

Twigs sourced at the amazing craft super store called...The Forest.  My friend Amy and I took a few hiking adventures to find the right ones.  

Hand-cut simple tissue paper fringe, gold garland & Elmer's glue.  

The best part was trying to get all three fringe twigs down to the store.  We rode in the back of a pickup truck, it felt like a parade... 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

prop styling

stylist: jessica levin
job: valentine basket + tower styling
client: The Fruit Company. 

objective:  style a balanced basket with given product to look yummy. 
background, table base and styling props are my responsibility.  meticulously place items all different ways until I feel they look delicious and amazing. 


Find these items at

Sunday, December 15, 2013

wallpaper mural

freelance:: interior stylist

*vintage wallpaper mural. 

I did some interior design work for a local medical center.  the children's area needed some love. 

I found a Dutch company called INKE, they have an amazing collection of sillouettes hand-made from vintage wallpaper.  It would fill the small empty wall space perfectly. 

I choose this tree, waited 5 weeks for it to arrive. It came as an easy DIY kit, complete with instructions, a sachet of Eco friendly wallpaper paste and a brush.  They said it is easy... It was-- for a crafty person.  

They also have great animal sillouettes too!  



This photo is from the INKE blog 

holiday13. window dressing P+L

holiday13 window dressing for Parts+Labour

materials: 99% YARN, dowels and fishing line, many hours of cutting yarn. 

yarn banners:  red, white + gold 
a modern holiday feel. 
minimal and clean. 

btw: it takes two people working together to braid a rope longer than 12 ft. (otherwise it gets totally tangled). some great rhythm, great friends and loud music help. 


rope light installation for P+L fall13

I have been creating visual displays, window dressing, installation for Parts + Labour in Hood River, Oregon for 5 years. 

Every season coming up with a new design, creating it by hand, and installing it. Sometimes it is simple, other times it is very difficult.  So it goes. 

I love creating and thinking up new ways to visually catch people's attention as they pass by. With any luck, they enter the store.  That's the goal!  

P+L recently changed locations and needed a grand re-opening window display. The new look is very Scandinavian modern.  

I have been wanting to make some pendant rope lights for some time. Here was my chance. 

I thought it was going to be easy to unwrap and re-wrap a 1.5" manilla rope with a cord placed inside. Well, I know why they cost so much... It is VERY difficult. 

I cannot imagine the new space without them... They are modern and really offer a nice amount of lighting. 



great news: I got a phone call from a friend the other day and she would like to buy a few of these rope lights!!! Yeah!  That is the whole idea. 

Who wants one?   They are 16' or 9" long. 

prop stylist

freelance:: prop stylist 

for:: The Fruit Company. 

task: style a basket for Costco.  perfectly! 

I have to be honest and say that this was my first time...

A. styling with fresh fruit
B. styling a basket

they gave me the product, no direction besides "make it perfect".   i was a little nervous. 

at this moment I was sweating a little ... 

here it is... they loved the way I tied the bow.  it is a breast cancer awareness basket, so I folded the bow like so. 

I did it!